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Commonly Asked Questions

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes we do! Send us a message or give us a call and we will send a gift card and message for you. Lucky friend!

What are the payment options?

We generally prefer card payment but we can work with you. Cash, bank transfer and PayPal options available.

What is your return policy?

We hope you are happy with your piece as we make them in house to order so won't be able to refund. But we will endeavour to fix, mend or replace anything you are not happy with. Exchanges are also available. 

What are your light boxes made of?

Currently the frame is made out of powder coated aluminium. They are fitted with LED tubes which are preferable to fluorescent tubes as they are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly as have no mercury content and don't emit UV light.

Do you have other styles?

Watch this space. We are hoping to introduce some wood and recycled plastic frames soon. If you're looking for something specific please call us.

Can I have a battery powered lightbox?

We can offer a battery powered box if you prefer please message us with your order so we can arrange this for you. 

How long and where is the cable?

We provide a 2.5m cable and plug with your light box and place it coming out of the back as standard. 

If you would like it positioned anywhere else please let us know and we will happily do this for you. Just state which side and whether towards the top, middle or bottom! 

If you would like a longer cable again let us know and for an extra charge we can provide. 

Can these be used outside?

These are industrial grade light boxes and as long as you have a suitable out door plug socket these can be used outdoors.

Do you ship outside the UK?

Yes we can ship outside the UK please choose collection when purchasing and then send us a note to get a quote for delivery. 

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